A Complete Guide to Backgammon Game

If you are beginner in the backgammon, you are required to follow simple rules to beat your opponent in the game. Rules of Backgammon games can be found out via various sources like internet and gaming books which are available in the bookstore or a library. To begin with, one must have the knowledge of the object of this game. The target of the Backgammon is to bring all the pieces into the home board, and then to bear them off the board. Bear them off means to move all your pieces off the board. A guide to the backgammon states that there comes a stage in the game when the gamer has all his checkers in an inner portion of the board. When this kind of a situation arises, the gamer can start the elimination process of all the pieces off the board. This is called as bear off phase of backgammon game. The first player to get all his pieces off the board is the winner.

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Why play backgammon on the internet?

The most popular table game in the world is probably backgammon. Now, the ancient game is even more popular than ever with the internet backgammon revolution. Internet backgammon sites host online backgammon games during in each and every hour of the day. They also have online backgammon tournaments where skilled backgammon players from around the world compete against each other.

Internet backgammon is almost the same with the real-life version of the game. The only difference is that you get to play with a 3D simulation of backgammon board instead of the standard board. The dice roll is controlled by a software program called RNG or "random number generator." The RNG assures that the electronic dice rolls are random. Some backgammon site have accessible and friendly interface and chat system. Internet backgammon does not require special equipment. All you need are computer and fast internet connection. Once you have these requirements, you will be guided with easy-to-follow instructions and updates.

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How to Play Backgammon with Gus Hansen. WSOB

Be an Internet Backgammon Winner

Are you new to backgammon and looking to develop some winning strategies? Or maybe you used to play live backgammon and are looking for ways to relearn some of your old skills and put them into practice to play backgammon for money? Either way, you'll need backgammon strategy to help you succeed. The following basic strategies have been recommended by top backgammon players and should help you to improve your game and gain more confidence in your abilities.

The course of a backgammon game is impossible to predict. Your performance in a game can change from one roll of the dice to the next. However, it is possible to keep ahead of your opponent by calculating your next move. A sound strategy is to learn the best action for every scenario, including the best moves you can make on the backgammon board based on the opening rolls. Learning how to use the opening rolls to your advantage can give you a healthy lead in online backgammon and put you out in front of your opponent time after time.

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What Attracts People to Backgammon Gambling?

The playing of backgammon games for money is certainly not just a trend of recent years. We do not need to look too deeply into the history of backgammon to discover that backgammon gambling has been a feature of the game from the beginning. Certainly the historical evidence available from the Roman period shows that in these times to play backgammon was synonymous with placing stakes on the outcome of the game. Although many people must have been attracted to the game for the sheer fun of playing, and many backgammon players today also play for fun rather than for the winning, gambling has remained a key element in many matches. The introduction of the doubling cube in the 1920's made an important contribution to the development of the gambling aspect of the game. Over the last fifteen years, the dramatic growth of online backgammon has been powered to a great extent by the popularity of backgammon gambling offerings. So the question readily comes to mind, what attracts people to backgammon gambling?

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Backgammon Software

If you want to learn backgammon seriously there are many backgammon-playing computers programs around. You can find good free or shareware programs downloadable directly from the Internet. Some of the more sophisticated but expensive programs are able to anlayze your play and give you many elements for improvement.

Here are a few ones