A Complete Guide to Backgammon Game

If you are beginner in the backgammon, you are required to follow simple rules to beat your opponent in the game. Rules of Backgammon games can be found out via various sources like internet and gaming books which are available in the bookstore or a library. To begin with, one must have the knowledge of the object of this game. The target of the Backgammon is to bring all the pieces into the home board, and then to bear them off the board. Bear them off means to move all your pieces off the board. A guide to the backgammon states that there comes a stage in the game when the gamer has all his checkers in an inner portion of the board. When this kind of a situation arises, the gamer can start the elimination process of all the pieces off the board. This is called as bear off phase of backgammon game. The first player to get all his pieces off the board is the winner.

Some quick guidelines are given below:
  • A gamer can move the checker only to the open point. It means that two or more opposite checkers are not allowed to occupy the spaces.
  • The numbers displayed on both the dices makes two different moves. If the player rolls out a 2 or a 6, then he can shift one checker two spaces in the open point and the next checker 6 spaces to the open point again. The rules of the Backgammon game state that when there are either five or three spaces that are open ended from the start point, and then only they can be moved.
  • You might be thinking how to play the game? If you are interested in engaging in this wonderful and entertaining game, then here are come important things that you need to know.
How to move the pieces
  • When you begin the game, the game rules state that every gamer has to throw a single dice. After all the players roll the single dice, the highest deal will be the first one to play the game. If both players manage to get same number on dice, then they are supposed to re-roll until the results of numbers are different. One who gets the top number will be allowed to move that many spaces on the backgammon board. Once the first roll passes, the opponent gamers will start throwing double dices for the remaining game with alternate turns.
  • Whatever number appears in the dice becomes the total number of points. This is also called as pip count, that a gamer can move the checkers. In all cases, the checkers are forward positioned, stuck with low number digit.
  • When a double is rolled, a gamer has to play double of the number that appears on the rolling dice. For instance, if double threes are rolled, then the gamer is allowed to move 3 spaces for the total of four different times. The rules of the game also state that, one can accomplish the move in any manner as they deem fit by simply using the tossed numbers.
  • When you toss the dice, the gamer has to play with both the numbers shown on the roll and all the possible moves should be legally used. When there is a situation that only 1 number is possible, then that can be taken. In such cases, when both numbers cannot be utilized, then the higher number has to be selected. If neither number is possible to play, then the player naturally loses the game. The guidelines state that in doubles case, the maximum numbers that are possible for play should be utilized during the turn.